Map of Exhibits

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Brain Matters consists of three interactive exhibits located on the clinic level of Vanderbilt Health, One Hundred Oaks.

Neuroscience Discovery
Located adjacent to the Vanderbilt Center for Surgical Weight Loss, Neuroscience Discovery consists of two touch-screen, interactive displays that cover the research behind the medical advances in brain health. Neuroscience Discovery takes guests on a journey from molecules to mind on topics such as Mood, Brain Development and Learning & Memory as told by Vanderbilt Neuroscience Faculty.

The Neuroscience History display delves into man's quest to learn about the brain, from prehistoric brain surgeries to current Nobel Laureates. Fascinating case studies, such as that of Phineas Gage, show the advancement of knowledge as to how the brain functions and the impact of injury.

Brain Matters

Located between the Interventional Pain Center and the Multiple Sclerosis Center, Brain Matters includes three touch-screen, interactive displays in a lounge-like setting, allowing guests to, at their leisure, browse topics including brain anatomy, molecules (such as brain chemicals, medicines and drugs of abuse) and mental health & brain disorders.

Each display is equipped with a handset, allowing guests to listen to the information presented on the screen.

Inside the Mind

Located just inside the Valet Entrance A and near the Information Desk, Inside the Mind consists of five reactive displays that quiz guests on concepts like Movement, Senses and Emotion, giving them insights into how hard the brain works to do tasks, like a simple wave of the hand.

Step in front of a screen to activate its clip, and learn how your brain is involved in these processes.

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